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SEPTA Forward: Bus Revolution is here!


Connect the Dots is super excited to be part of the engagement team, along with Portfolio Associates and Merit, to officially launch this once-a-generation undertaking: a total reimagination of SEPTA’s bus network!

SEPTA Forward: Bus Revolution needs feedback from all riders to create more equitable and efficient service. Connect the Dots is all about making sure that as many community voices as possible are taken into account, from start to finish. This three-year process will include tons of opportunities to share your thoughts and get involved.

The comprehensive bus network redesign is the talk of the town, with articles from WHYY, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and related coverage from across the country.

One of the guiding approaches to the comprehensive redesign is making the entire system easier for people to use and understand. Holistically redesigning the network has the potential to expand access to economic opportunity and create stronger connections between communities. Streamlining service makes other components like scheduling easier, too. SEPTA recognizes that there are multiple existing bus stops that are important to its riders, which is where engagement comes in to play a critical role. 

It’s about more than reaching out to tell riders that changes are possible; riders themselves need to be (and will be!) consulted about what those changes should look like. Connect the Dots is a vital part of the team facilitating that process. Whether connecting through local organizations or attending your neighborhood event, we are ensuring that SEPTA engages with riders extensively and inclusively throughout every phase of the process. Your travel is important. Your input is important. Your vision for the bus system as a whole is important. Creating a bus network that better serves you and your community is what this is all about.

Share your thoughts today! 

  • Take this brief survey about your ideas for the SEPTA bus network and sign up to get project updates
  • Join our virtual open house on May 13th – please head to to register
  • Forward this information to your friends and neighbors! 

Be sure to check out the Bus Revolution fact sheet and FAQs listed on the project website (, where you can always check for updates and other ways to engage. Keep an eye out for our team at upcoming block parties, farmers markets, and other community events soon!

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