Connecting CVB with Chester County - Community Outreach Research - Connect The Dots Insights
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Connecting CVB with Chester County – Community Outreach Research


Chester County Conference & Visitors’ Bureau


Executive Summary:

The Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau (CCCVB) partnered with Connect the Dots to engage with the community and develop a multi-layered strategy targeting key stakeholders in the County’s tourism industry. The team developed and used various tactics, such as pop events, interviews, focus groups, and online surveys to gather data from residents and businesses in Chester County. This data was analyzed to provide recommendations that helped to understand the current landscape of the community’s businesses, workforce, and residents in order to identify opportunities to expand tourism-related business.


Purpose & Scope:

The Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau located within the suburban Main Line of Philadelphia historically focused on bringing people from outside the County in to experience its attractions and assets. Recognizing the opportunity for the County to engage more deeply at the local level, the Visitor’s Bureau sought the engagement expertise of Connect the Dots to understand the current state of the region’s tourism industry in the context of its residents, workforce, and key stakeholders. This research project was designed to create a benchmark for measuring success of CCVB’s forthcoming Community Outreach Program.


Service Performed:

To understand the motivations of different audiences, multiple tools were   layered into an approach that varied the depth and specificity of conversation, including:

  • An online survey for people who live and/or work in Chester County
  • Two Pop-Ups at local events in Chester County 
  • One-on-One Interviews with HR and marketing representatives of large employers
  • Focus Group of residential and commercial real estate professionals


Project Outcomes:

This work resulted in a detailed report that set a benchmark for success of the Community Outreach Program and measured the awareness and understanding of the value of tourism-related business in Chester County from community businesses, local workforce, and residents.

All tactics and events were carried out from Spring to Summer 2022:

  • People reached: 2000+
  • People engaged: 1472
    • The online survey received 1,272 responses from July 1 – August 8, 2022
    • Over 200 in person survey responses recorded from the July Pop-up events