Community Engagement On-Call for Rebuild - Connect The Dots Insights
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Community Engagement On-Call for Rebuild


City of Philadelphia – REBUILD

About the Project:

Connect the Dots was selected, alongside Interface Studios and other partners, as the winner of an on-call contract focused on community/stakeholder engagement with Rebuild in the City of Philadelphia.

Made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, Rebuild will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in improving community facilities across the city. Through its projects, Rebuild will:

  • Make physical improvements to parks, recreation centers, and libraries.
  • Promote diversity and economic inclusion. Rebuild will support minorities and women who work (or want to work) in the design and construction industries.
  • Engage with community members to leverage their knowledge, power, and expertise. Community feedback will inform the improvements that are made to facilities.

Project Summary (so far):

Most recently as part of this on-call contract, Connect the Dots has collaborated to produce a Remote Engagement Toolkit as well as a general Engagement toolkit to be leveraged across Rebuild projects over the coming years. The robust toolkits not only provide methods, templates, techniques, but also provide best practice engagement / consultation guidance to be applied across Rebuild projects. Developing this toolkit involved numerous focus groups, research, testing/prototyping to ensure the toolkit would reflect the nature of engagement in Philadelphia and the needs of various communities and project users. At the heart of the work was a focus on equity with an emphasis meeting people where they are and building capacity along the way.