‘Reconnecting the Riverfront’ - Downtown Westport Site Improvement Project - Connect The Dots Insights
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‘Reconnecting the Riverfront’ – Downtown Westport Site Improvement Project


Town of Westport

Executive Summary:

Based on the Downtown Master Plan completed in June 2015, the Town of Westport sought out landscape architectural and civil engineering services related to the reconceptualization, redesign, and construction of the three Downtown lots. Connect the Dots supported Langan and the Town throughout a number of community engagement strategies. These strategies helped to inform the redesigns and manage stakeholder partnerships.


Purpose & Scope:

The 3 downtown spaces and ideas for them included:

  • Parker Harding Plaza – transformation of the existing plaza to include a park-like promenade along the riverfront, a re-design of the parking lot and potential re-design of traffic patterns through the plaza.
  • Jesup Green – reimagine Jesup Green to be a more active green space, reclaiming the waterfront for more pedestrian, family-friendly activities.

Imperial Avenue Lot – redesign the Imperial Avenue Lot to include parking lot improvements and to add active and green space, especially at the edges of the parking spaces.

Services Performed:

Connect the Dots developed and carried out two major phases of community engagement and outreach. These techniques were focused on (1) engaging major stakeholders in the Downtown area, (2) gaining insight into the future of three Downtown lots according to community members and (3) enabling Langan to build their designs around community input. Connect the Dots designed a variety of tactics to create a dialogue for envisioning and brainstorming. The key tactics included stakeholder interviews, online surveys, and an in-person visioning charrette where CTD designed the concept, flow, materials, and facilitation of the event.

Project Outcomes:

Many insights were gathered related to the possibilities, ideas, and potential solutions regarding sustainability, activities, and opportunities for the riverfront and available, adjacent public lots. 

  • People engaged: 4330+
    • 27 stakeholder interviews completed.
    • 4,253 survey responses were received surrounding their travel habits, elements surrounding waterfront and parking design, as well as general priorities for development in Downtown Westport.
    • 50+ residents attended the charette event with ideas being shared for parking inventory, event programming, pedestrian and bicycle connections, and pedestrian bridge.