Towns & Villages Toolkit Workshop – RIAI - Connect The Dots Insights
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Towns & Villages Toolkit Workshop – RIAI




To design a half day workshop and facilitate the discussions and guide activities along. We collaborated also with Work Group and ReCreate to produce the materials and prompts needed to inspire and innovate.

The Co-created Experience:

Before-hand we assisted in the development of the attendee list to gather diverse voices to the table. This workshop focused more on the gathering of architects, engineers, and planners – to get them to think outside the box and come up with big ideas to small practical steps to insert in a nationwide toolkit. We had a positive case study from Clonakilty and by the end had a huge amount of data for the RIAI to work with and use in future consultations & workshops.

The Results:

35 innovative ideas

Content for the 1st step in creating a toolkit

50 suggested next steps and interest groups to contact next


“Really impressed by their methodology, we got so much out of the discussions by following the workshop structure” – Client: Sandra O’Connell