Urban Picnic 1 – Bloom Fringe - Connect The Dots Insights
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Urban Picnic 1 – Bloom Fringe


Bloom Fringe


To create an open forum for people to discuss urban issues within the context of the festival’s program, as the festival itself revolves around the theme of urban interventions in the city. In addition, Dublin 2020, were doing consultations regarding a culture bid for the city and wanted to use this opportunity to learn more about what people wanted.

Co-created Experience:

This event spanned two days, and took place in different locations around Dublin. Day 1 of the event was a picnic in the secret garden of Dublin Castle. This picnic was all about action; hearing people’s hopes for the city, especially regarding vacant spaces. Day 2 of this event took place in a pop-up shop with an interactive public display. Here, passersby could look at all the needs people had written down from Day 1 of the event and could offer their help or assistance where applicable.


Engaged over 100 people over 2 days

Solidified 6 main actions towards reuse of vacant space


“People will look back and remember it as a seed of change…it’s a very rich experience, a charged up atmosphere – you definitely feel glad you came”