Sunday Breakfast Club - Connect The Dots Insights
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Sunday Breakfast Club


Philly Sunday Breakfast Club

Project Summary:

Philly and the Pandemic – What Now? What Next? Remote Engagement

Connect the Dots, in partnership with Chris Satullo of Keystone Civic Ventures and the PA Project for Civic Engagement, developed and hosted the first of a series of remote forum events designed to (1) Inform & Connect and (2) Guide Recovery. The event was designed for the Sunday Breakfast Club – a large, multigenerational organization of civic and nonprofit leaders in Philadelphia.

To ensure that the event was tailored to be as valuable to members and as impactful as possible, Connect the Dots used our own online survey platform ‘Engage’ to gather insights from members to shape each event. At the start of each event, we also hosted a virtual ‘cocktail’ / mingling element in order to translate the usual style of their meetings.


At the heart of the first event was a lightning round panel of six local leaders/experts, each giving a summary of the state of play in their area of expertise

Questions were curated by Connect the Dots and the Sunday Breakfast Club organizers, and informed by insights from the pre-event survey and live questions from the audience.

Members could join virtual breakout rooms (pre-assigned) where they will have a chance to discuss what they heard, add their own observations/learnings, work together to hone in on the key challenges, and then frame follow-up questions to the panel for a closing discussion.


  • Collective understanding developed around core challenges
  • Over 80 attendees made up of civic and non-profit leaders
  • Developed cross-sectoral responses to COVID-19 Challenges